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The Dennis Gile Quarterback Academy will teach you the proper throwing mechanics both upper and lower body, major emphasis will always be the quarterbacks throwing motion because this is what is most important come game time!

Our academy’s home base is located in Scottsdale, Arizona which is seven miles from the closest major airport (PHX) The closest major airport Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). We train year-round, and QB coach Dennis Gile runs every training session. Coach Gile also travels the country hosting elite quarterback camps. We train quarterbacks from youth to high school to collegiate and professional as well.

Coach Gile has worked with Tom Brady, the late coach Martinez, and sports science to come up with the proper way to throw a football and give you the best chance at being successful. Footwork, pocket presence, coverage recognition throwing on the run, touch throws, tight window throws, play action throws, ball handling, screen game, film work, and breaking down throwing mechanics on film are all part of our academy’s points of emphasis of being a ver successful quarterback.


We offer high school quarterback training sessions in Scottsdale, Arizona, and around the country. High school is the most important time for any quarterback striving to get to the collegiate level. Our academy has produced over eighty-five quarterbacks that have all receive scholarships from D1 football universities.

If you’re a quarterback headed into the high school level, let’s get you out here and start building a great recruiting profile along with getting the best possible quarterback training out there.

We encourage high school quarterbacks to attend our regional quarterback camps throughout the year as we will host camps in Arizona and around the country. We invite recruiting companies to our camps and elite qb coaches, along with coaches from D1 football universities to maximize your exposure.


The Dennis Gile Quarterback Academy offers youth quarterback trainings for middle school QBs. The training is similar to the high school and college training, but at the youth level. Come out and start early to be well prepared for the next level.


Our academy offers collegiate training for quarterbacks across the nation. Collegiate quarterbacks come out to Arizona to get better and to win the starting spot. QB Coach Dennis Gile has trained a number of collegiate quarterbacks that have came out as a second or third string and won the starting spot that football season.

Our collegiate trainings are offered based on their schedules and will be offered during college winter break, college spring breaks, and college summer breaks before they head back to school. If you’re interested in securing a college quarterback training spot, give us a shout.


Private quarterback coach Dennis Gile can call any college coach in the county through his network of connections that he has built and continues to build. College coaches around the country constantly refers to coach Dennis Gile when they need an elite quarterback to lead their program.

Coach Dennis Gile has earned the respect of many D1 football university coaches and continues to work with new ones day after day.

If you're a high school quarterback looking to get recruited and have a head start on your recruiting profile, let’s start your recruiting while getting the elite quarterbacking training with QB Coach Dennis Gile.

Exclusive look inside our #DimeDroppers Quarterback Training Program